If you want a designer/contractor union that is pickier than you are, then you have found your team.

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A Better Design provides complete interior design services, from house re-design, kitchen and bath remodeling, to space planning and project management. Let us help you bring your dream to reality - and give you the ideal home renovation.

A new kitchen can make the difference in creating the perfect home. It can give a home warmth, comfort, and provide a wonderful space where great food, great conversation, and amazing memories are made from scratch.


  • Save money, by avoiding costly mistakes
  • Save stress, by providing expert contractors who remodel your home on time and on budget.
  • Transform your interiors so they “fit” your changing needs, interests and lifestyle.
  • Increase both the usefulness, and the resale value of your home.
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A Better Design is a proud member of the National Kitchen and Bathroom Assocation.

Call for a Complimentary, 30 minute Introductory
Design Dialogue
to discuss your remodeling needs.

PENNY MORROW is one of Colorado’s premier interior design professionals, specializing in kitchen and bath design.
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I believe that in the most perfect form, design is the transformation of a space into a living, breathing canvas, where the homeowners’ dreams take shape, where their passions are given form, and where their needs are met in an environment that will grow with them and fortify them on their life’s journey.